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Marc is an incredible musician, vocalist and composer with an outstanding career. He is awesome with a guitar, acoustic, electric, slide or steel. Marc has appeared on albums such as:

James Durst - Wish I Were Here and Other Journey of the Heart - Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar
James Lee Stanley - Domino Harvest - Guitar (Electric), Slide Guitar
Joyous Noise - Wandering Man - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Joyous Noise - Joyous Noise - Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Organ, Guitar, Percussion
Nathaniel & Fleeta Mitchell - Mitsou - Composer
Pamela Polland - Pamela Polland - Vocals
Peter Tork - Stranger Things Have Happened - Guitar
Ron Elliott - Candlestick Maker - Vocals, Guitar
Spanky & Our Gang - Change - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble - Sleepy Baby - Copy Writer
Various Artists - Nashville (Original Soundtrack) - Bass, Guitar

Californian country-rockers who appear here due to the involvement of musical maestro Ron Elliott for all you Beau Brummels fans. McClure was previously in Levitt and McClure and played with Dennis Dragon on Ron Elliott's Candlestickmaker album. Their first LP was produced by John Palladino and recorded in September 1971. All the tracks were written by McClure, Wakely or Montgomery, except Question Of Direction composed by Ron Elliott and Gary Downey and a cover of Hoyt Axton's Never Been To Spain. Recorded in January 1972, their second album was co-produced by Palladino, Gary Downey and Elliott who wrote the side-long (17' 23") Wanderingman, a melodramatic three-part suite of moods, atmosphere and magnificence. The five other tracks were written by the group. It should appeal to those who prize the later Beau Brummels albums but is definitely not for garage or psych heads.

Marc McClure then recorded a good solo album Songs For Old Ladies and Babies (Capitol ST 11113) 1972 with Ron Elliott (who provided five songs), Dennis Dragon, Dan Levitt and Chris Darrow. He also worked with Pamela Polland (of Gentle Soul) for her 1972 LP on CBS. Dennis Dragon went on to do surf music, producing surf movies soundtracks, recording with The Farm and Corky Carroll. In the eighties he was the co-leader of the Surf Punks.
Max Waller/Stephane Rebeschini

Marc Andrew McClure Bare Bones CD is now available!
Front album cover of Marc McClure's CD Bare Bones! Back album cover of Marc McClure's CD Bare Bones!

Listening to excerpts from the CD requires 'Real Audio' or 'Windows Media Player'. You can download them from their home pages for free. 'Real Audio' will play the songs faster but 'Windows Media Player' files are better quality. Try them both, they are free. Just click on the player's name to download it now, then return and listen to the CD's! If you already have a player, enjoy!

1) The Girl's In Love With You 

2) Soul Divide

3) Messin' Round

4) Sunshine Sally

5) Cleveland Blues

6) The Letter

7) Common Ground

8) My Rose

9) Valentines Day

10) Queen of Hearts

11) I'm Gone

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