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Lenny has been a professional musician and singer for over 30 years that I know of. Bridging the gap between Country and Blues, he has created his own brand of music. Equally at home with anything from an old Strat to his 1953 Fender Dual 8 Pedal Steel, Lenny's style is original and very unique! Having the ability to play any style of music, on just about anything with strings, and in his own original tunings, has enabled him to play with some of the best musicians in the business. Some well known and some not so well known, but definitely the best!

His father being a professional Big Band Drummer, inspired him to play the drums. He had his first drum, (a fife and drum corps, marching band drum) at the  at the age of 6. By the time he was 12 he had formed his own band. Graduating to the Bass at the ripe old age of 13, then moving to the guitar at 16, and the rest is history.

His ability to play any song, and the desire to play it the way it was meant to be played (to honor the original artist) has been one of his trademarks. Searching for just that exact sound had led him from the high strung guitar to the baritone guitar and everything in between. Using over 25 different tunings to find just the right texture and voicing has been the foundation of his own original style.

Lenny has recently completed a CD 'Cloud Cover' with 8 of his original songs. Not only did he write all of the tunes, he plays and sings every part! Listen for free and see for yourself. Click on the links below and enjoy!

Palm Springs, Ca. Sept. 6,2002. Fourth floor, Spa Hotel

1) One Million Dollars Worth of Blues / Hansell 2:36

2) Angelina / Hansell 2:12

3) Darlene, Don't Cry / Hansell 2:36

4) Turn Around / Hansell 2:38

5) Low Down and Dirty / Hansell 3:06

6) The Bossa Nueva / Hansell 3:09

7) We're Gonna' Make History/Hansell 2:46

8) Shuff Stuff / Hansell 2:48

Photographs by Lenny Hansell/Sept.6,2002.

From 4th Floor Spa Hotel downtown Palm Springs, Ca.

Listening to excerpts from the the CD requires 'Real Audio' or 'Windows Media Player'. You can download them from their home pages for free. 'Real Audio' will play the songs faster but 'Windows Media Player' files are better quality. Try them both, they are free. Just click on the player's name to download it now, then return and listen to the CD! If you already have a player, enjoy!

Clip 1) One Million Dollars Worth of Blues / Hansell :43

Clip 2) Angelina / Hansell :48

Clip 3) Darlene, Don't Cry / Hansell :38

Clip 4) Turn Around / Hansell :46

Clip 5) Low Down and Dirty / Hansell :44

Clip 6) The Bossa Nueva / Hansell :48

Clip 7) We're Gonna' Make History/Hansell :43

Clip 8) Shuff Stuff / Hansell :40

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