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Due to lack of endorsements from his contemporaries, listen to what the author has to say about himself:

I feel that the Rebel Poet has a true grip on America's problems for the millennium. Being raised by a pack of angry golfers has given him insight into the real problems we will all be facing now, and in the future. He offers a solution that is direct and to the point, and, at a reasonable price. His uncanny way of telling exactly the same story and having it come out different every time allows him to write the same story under different pen names. His unique style 'friction based on fact' allows him to be anyone he wants to be..." With your help I may never have to work construction again"!


Excerpt from exclusive 1999 interview with the Reb's son!!

Stars Behind Bars Magazine : December 25, 1999: Steven Kline Reporting: S.K. What is your earliest memory of your father? R.S. I guess the fact that he seemed so immature. S.K. What is the most intimate experience you remember growing up with your father? R.S. Well, that would definitely have to be the time he came home drunk and accidentally used my toothbrush. S.K. You have been your father's harshest critic. That said ,Is there anything good you can say about his life's work? R.S. Well Steve, I suppose the price is right.


National Journal of Psychiatry

".....immature, uneducated, sexist and vulgar! A cheap shot and an insult to anyone that would take the time to read it. Just the thing that weakens the moral fiber of America. We give it two thumbs up"!


Will Rogers

"I finally met a man I didn't like"!


The Penny Saver- Free Ads!

"We love every thing about you Reb. You seem to come at a time when there are no real Super Heroes left. No one to fight against evil, to stand up and defend this great nation against relentless attacks from evil forces as well as the Queen herself! Thank God for the Reb, oh, and Zena too"!


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