A Cowboy's Dream


Ah, there's something about the smell of last nights campfire in the air,

  that reminds me why I left the city life, for a new one up here.

Coffee and bacon cooking over an open fire always tastes a little finer,

than eating breakfast in a restaurant or some fancy diner.


Last night while I was all alone, looking at the stars,

reminded me why I left behind the fancy home and cars.

My thoughts take me back to the time I rode herd in Montana,

wearing my brown Stetson hat and blue bandana.


My silver mounted buckaroo spurs with the jingle-bob,

ropin' and brandin', that sure was one hell of a job.

Up here a man sure has a lot of time to think,

how about the time I rode into town for a drink.


My pearl handled Colt's strapped to my side,

when they saw me coming, they all stepped aside.

The men gave me a nod and the ladies just sighed,

and every step I took , I took with pride.


The boys from the B-B just happened to be there,

their eyes fixed on me , they couldn't help but stare.

Like always with them boys, it was the same old story,

they were drunk and looking for their moment of glory.


My eyes were sharp, my hands were steady and light as a feather,

just in case one of them was feeling lucky, and tried to clear leather.

At first it was so quiet, no one made a sound,

and it stayed that way, till I rode out of town.


Then there was the time in Calico, when I first met Corinne,

I think she was the prettiest girl that I had ever seen.

I can still see her face, and the smell of her skin,

and I'll never forget the first time she invited me in.


It's time to break camp and take care of my horse, old Buck,

he is always a friend, even when I'm down on my luck.

As we ride along this old cow trail feeling peaceful and free,

you sure would have to envy someone as lucky as me.


Were heading to that snow capped mountain and through the pass,

down to the valley, trying to find the herd some spring pasture grass.

God its good to be part of it all! The Pines here grow so...



All of a sudden I awake with a shake,

it's my wife for heavens sake,

saying; lunch time is over,

now go walk Rover,

and finish mowing the lawn.

"OK Dear, I'm gone! I'm gone!"


Home On The Range


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